The Decline of American Entrepreneurship [Infographic]

27 Nov 2012 0 Comments

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America is the most powerful country on earth. Although America is known to be the strongest country in the world, is America’s Entrepreneurship still thriving? This infographic put together by our team at Trinity shows just how American Entrepreneurship is doing; And it may not be what you expect.

With statistical data from sources such as The Atlantic, The Hudson Institute, The U.S. Census Bureau, and more; We were able to put together an infographic that tells you the condition of America Entrepreneurship in today’s economy.

Here are some quick stats:

There were approximately 660,000 less job in 2010 than there were in 1977.

Since 2009 we’ve averaged 7.8 startup jobs per 1000 Americans, compared to the 11.2 during the Clinton Administration.

Venture capitalist are investing in more than double the companies they were in the 1980′s.

In the year 2000, the construction sector generated more than 61,000 new firms. In 2010, there were around 17,000.

For every 2 entrepreneurs America had in 1977, there was 1 entrepreneur in 2010. Entrepreneurship has been cut in half.

View the full infographic below.

The Decline of American Entrepreneurship Infographic - Trinity Digital Marketing

Also, Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, University of Maryland, New America, and the National Venture Capital Association.

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